Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Despite having long coastline, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has only recently started to attract divers. Scuba Diving gives you an experience to get a hold of the whereabouts of the underwater sea and experience a whole new world. A world with beautiful and colorful scenario made up of thousands of colorful fishes, plants, corals etc., experience peace and calm inexpressible in words. Live your dream with a Scuba Diving tour with us. We will provide you a professional instructor who will guide you for the ocean.

Take out some time and experience something totally unique and full of surprises. Even if you are new to this sport, the beginners don’t have to worry about never done this before as we have the best professional guides who will coach you the art within no time and guide you throughout the journey and will make the experience an unforgettable one. Here you can feel like fish and swim in the crystal clear water like them. You can spot thousands of underwater species including turtles, star fishes, big fishes, etc and if you are lucky enough you might also spot sharks, whales, octopus, reef sharks etc. One can also, carry waterproof cameras and click pictures of the beautiful underwater world.

Our specialized dive packages also comprise packages with complex itineraries to cater to adventurists and dive trips tailored for underwater photography enthusiasts. So if you’re ready to take a plunge into the gleaming waters of the Arabian Gulf and explore its rich bio-diversity, all you need to do is to pick from one of our dive packages. This experience will surely make your entire Dubai trip a memorable one.




  • Pick up from your hotel or residence in Dubai / Sharjah
  • PADI accredited courses.
  • Class includes safety techniques and tips for breath control.
  • A PADI video session that serves as a key to introduction to diving.
  • 30 minutes dive with a veteran diver.
  • 20% discount on the hotel’s beach facilities.
  • Drop back to your hotel or residence in Dubai / Sharjah.

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